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Hello! My Name is Tylee

...but I go by Abby Woodland. I am a single mom with agoraphobia and a special love of writing. I have a beautiful daughter with special needs that inspires me every day.  In my free time you'll find me reading, playing guitar and piano, outside with the chickens or in the garden, cooking, or working on serving the homeless here in Arizona or advocating for special needs. 

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My Story

I started my love of books when I was around 5 years old. I loved reading and found it was a great way to escape things in my life that I didn't understand. As I got older, I became drawn to poetry and entered a poetry contest through the mail at age 12. I didn't win, but I was published online and received several Editor's Choice Awards for my poetry. From there, I tried to get a book published at 14, but to no avail. I was told that they didn't publish books written by children. I kept journaling and writing for some time, taking creative writing classes and different college English courses through my life. I eventually stopped writing to study medicine, psychology, and child development, but my heart was always set on writing. After going through a life of trauma, two divorces, and a lot of editing and beta reading for friends, I began to write again. In 2020, I hopped online and started writing as a way to escape a terrible breakup. It was hard at first, but I eventually wrote Birchwood, a story that had been on my mind for a while. It helped me heal from what I was feeling in the moment and made me feel more confident in myself. After that, I did more editing and business writing, ignoring my work now that it was out, till I saw that someone read it. That spark ignited me and drove me to write all my Kindle Vellas. 

Talking to friends about my books also opened my eyes to those who want to read more but have very little time to invest in longer books, or those with ADHD. I soon started writing shorter books under 100 pages for those who wanted a great story but had no time to read something so long. I still write books that are short, but I have added longer stories to my collection and soon, I will have my first series started! Writing has been an incredible journey for me, and I hope it is for you. I believe that books can change the course of history if we really believe we have the magic within us to change bad to good. It doesn't have to be dragons we face to conquer our fears, sometimes it can be a bad break up, toxic family members, government officials, or ourselves. The strength and magic is in all of us if we allow it to be. No hero is without challenges, but all heroes are themselves, and that's all we need to be too. I hope you enjoy my stories, no matter the format. Thank you for being here and happy reading!

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